My introduction to Crossfit was a little different, I used to want nothing to do with it. My parents and 2 sisters had been going to a Crossfit gym for about a year, and I had sworn it off. I didn’t understand the idea of a gym family or a fun workout. However, due to a heart procedure I had in 2017, I was told I would need to pick up a solid exercise regimen to keep my heart in top shape. I wound up getting roped in one day, and the rest is history. I had a pair of NoBulls and a Crossfit shirt on its way in the mail that night. Since then, I have hit goal after goal, and PR after PR, and it isn’t slowing down yet!

926 has brought me a family. I moved here not knowing anybody, and this gym has pulled me in and made me another addition to a huge and awesome family. If you’ve never stepped into a Crossfit gym before, I promise you, you won’t find a more inviting and loving community than here!